Chocolate Making Classes

Due to the nature of this class, only Intermediate or better Spanish speakers may take the chocolate making class.

You will learn the history of chocolate making in South America, and in particular from Ecuador, as well as all of the accompanying Spanish vocabulary and language associated with chocolate making.

There will also be a small introduction to making chocolate in a traditional Ecuadorian way.

If you are truly serious about learning all about the history and functionality around South American chocolate making, you will be able to travel to Ecuador to live with a family who speak no English.

Here you can make much more chocolate using traditional methods such as those seen in the video below.

Before you travel to Ecuador to live a truly unforgettable experience, we will work together on your Spanish language skills to ensure you get the most from your travels.

You can read more about the Chocolate Farm in Ecuador including finding out more about the tours, accommodation and the history of the area.