Spanish Classes in Sydney!

Welcome to Spanish Classes Sydney, where we provide expert Spanish classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced students, taught by a native Spanish speaker.

We have a range of course options for you to choose from to help you learn Spanish before a holiday, conquer that New Year’s Resolution or just challenge yourself to become fluent in Spanish.

siliva spanish teacher

Silvia, your personal Ecuadorian teacher, is very passionate about helping her students learn the Spanish language, about South American history, culture and cuisine. Learn more about Silvia.

If you’re interested in booking a class, book Spanish lessons with us today, or if you have any questions, contact us to find out more about our Spanish classes and how we can help you get on your way to learning another language!

“Silvia is such a beautiful person, is so generous and even helped me organise accommodation in South America with some of her friends.

See Lauren’s Testimonial.

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