Will I get homework?

After every class there is homework to be completed before the next session. All homework is expected to be completed to enhance your speed of learning and understanding of the Spanish language.

Do you provide workbooks?

Study materials and books will be provided for each student and are free of charge.

When are your classes held?

We are flexible to work to your needs.

Weekday classes: 9am to 7.30pm

Weekend classes: 8am to 6pm

Can I pay for my Spanish class on the day?

You can pay in cash, on the day, for a Spanish class at the home office in Ashfield.

What if I need to cancel?

While we are happy to be flexible and arrange lessons to suit your schedule, a 48 hour notice for cancellation or reschedule is required.

In case of shorter notice, or failure to arrive, you will be required to pay for your lesson.

How long will it take before I’m fluent?

That depends on how hard you work and how much effort you put in. For those taking beginner Spanish classes you will be able to have a firm grasp of basic Spanish after 10 weeks.

It takes some people longer to learn languages than others. But we will create a learning plan to suit your needs and ability to help you learn Spanish as well and as fast as possible.

Do you do immersive language experiences?

Yes! If you want to dive head first into an amazing immersive Spanish learning experience in Spain or Ecuador, please get in touch, or learn about our immersion experiences.

Are there any other classes?

We have a wide range of Spanish cultural classes:

If you’re interested in booking one of these classes, or have any questions about them, please get in touch.

Who will be my teacher?

Ms Silvia Liliana Bustamante, an Ecuadorian tutor based in Sydney and a native Spanish speaker. Find out more about Siliva.

What are the class options?

We have a range of class options for groups or individuals, and we are flexible with the location and timings. All of our class options can be found here.

How long will it take to learn Spanish?

Students who are learning on a one-to-one basis will be able to learn basic conversational Spanish in just 10 weeks!