About Silvia Bustamante

Silvia Liliana Bustamante MA, BA, was a Spanish teacher for 16 years in Ecuador and has been teaching Spanish classes in Sydney for over 7 years. You can see more of Silvia and her students on her Instagram and facebook.

Silvia is a highly competent and patient teacher, with excellent knowledge of the intricacies of the Spanish language.

Silvia Bustamante

Her knowledge of the language, South American history and culture helps to develop interesting and unique lessons and give her students the competencies they are seeking.

Silvia is dedicated to helping her students grasp all elements of Spanish, which is why the student speaks for roughly 80% of the time in class.

What Students Are Saying

I started with no Spanish in March and had my first trip to Spain in April, staying with her family and not speaking a word of English. I am now, 6 months later, writing fairy tales, reading books and really motivated for the next venture…South America! Thank you Silvia!


Sylvia is an excellent tutor who is very patient with beginners and our mistakes. I cannot recommend her highly enough for anyone setting out to learn Spanish.


Silvia individualised my lessons very much. I was rusty on the Spanish that I had learned many years ago and was preparing for a trip to Cuba. She made the lessons very fun…we spoke nearly all the time in Spanish and the salsa lesson was fun. I had never had individual lessons before (many group lessons) and it particularly improved my pronunciation. My Spanish did improve and I felt more confident before embarking on my adventure. I plan to return for some more!


Silvia is a great Spanish teacher and a lovely person with deep knowledge about the language, for people learning Spanish at all levels. She has a lot of patience and explains things in a clear and understandable way. Would recommend her to anyone and everyone!


A Note From Silvia – Why I Love My Job

I love teaching, helping people to learn and use Spanish language in all settings.

We will explore more than vocabulary and grammar.  You will feel comfortable speaking Spanish, meeting new friends in Spain or in South America.

As a native Ecuadorian, I teach culture and customs students should expect during their travels. You will learn what to say and what not to say, how to approach friends and strangers, how to be friendly, yet respectful.

My passion is helping people to have the right expectations of South America, not to be disappointed or experience a culture shock.  

For instance, you will understand that South Americans views on time may be very different to what we expect in Sydney.  What is a polite or impolite question, and much more.

Our lessons will be practical, tailored to your needs and wishes.

My invitation. Let’s meet, the first lesson is on me

Employment History

2010 – Present

  • Volontier Teacher at Amistad Latina Community Spanish School
  • Berlitz Sydney, Spanish Teacher
  • Spanish Tutor, teaching Spanish one-to-one

2007 – 2007

  • Atahualpa Spanish School, teaching Spanish one-to-one
  • Tour guide in Quito

1995 to 2000

  • Quito Spanish School, teaching Spanish one-to-one
  • Tour guide in Quito


2021 Course: Teaching and Learning Remotely

2020 Course: Foundation Course in Community Language

2016 Course: Early Childhood Certificate III 
2014 Course: English for Academic Purpose TAFE 

2002 – 2009 Course: Master 

1998 – 2002 Course: Bachelor in Social Siences