Advanced Spanish Lessons

Here’s where the lessons get into the nitty gritty of the Spanish language, moving from conditionals to periphrasis. Our advanced Spanish lessons are designed to help you become truly fluent in the Spanish tongue.

The classes will be conducted solely in Spanish and you will be expected to do most of the talking. The more you speak, read and write, the faster you will become truly fluent.

There are even further practical courses we can provide. These are usually held in Spanish clubs and restaurants to improve your capacity to deal with common everyday situations and needs. These can range from:

  • Ordering food and drinks
  • Shopping
  • Asking for accommodation
  • Dealing with emergency situations
  • Understanding information specific to particular topics (i.e. museums)
  • Asking for information in busy scenarios (festivals, events, markets)

New students who consider themselves advanced will be roughly tested to fit them in the best programme of study for their needs. This will be in the form of a first free lesson.

Already an advanced Spanish speaker and looking for a challenge? Check out our immersive Spanish experiences.

Advanced Spanish lessons are also available online.

If you’re not prepared for advanced Spanish lessons, you can always check out our intermediate Spanish classes, or Spanish lessons for beginners.

Ready to embark on your Spanish journey?

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