Spanish Lessons for Beginners

The most important thing that we make sure you do as a beginner in learning Spanish is to HAVE FUN!

The more fun you have whilst learning something, the better you remember it – that’s why a combination of learning and fun is definitely one of our core principles of teaching Spanish.

As well as having fun, another important factor in learning is making sure you are comfortable. To be comfortable to learn you need to be in an environment that isn’t too formal, and isn’t too serious. So you have the option to study wherever suits you!

What You Will Learn As A Beginner

Beginners will study first from the Spanish alphabet through to Present Tense of irregular verbs.

Beginner classes aim to provide students with a basic understanding of the fundamentals of the Spanish language and to start to use familiar every-day words and phrases in a conversational manner.

Here, students will be introduced to the framework of genderisation of the Spanish language (masculine and feminine) which allows them to speak correctly.

There is an important focus on proper pronunciation of words, as well as learning not only speaking skills, but reading and writing skills too.

One-to-one students will be able to get a solid grasp of basic Spanish within just 10 weeks!

If you’re past the beginner stage of learning, check out our intermediate Spanish lessons.

All of our Spanish classes for beginners are held in Sydney, either in Ashfield, Sydney CBD or at your home, depending on your needs.

Beginner Spanish lessons are also available online. For prices for all individual or group classes, please see our Spanish Classes in Sydney page.

Ready to embark on your Spanish journey?

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