Intermediate Spanish Lessons

If you have already grasped the basics of the Spanish language, then intermediate lessons are for you.

At this point in learning Spanish your focus will be more on learning through the tenses (past, present and future) to be able to have a more structured conversation in Spanish around further topics.

Intermediate Spanish classes are perfect for those who have previously learnt Spanish in the past, but need a bit of tutoring to help sharpen those reading, writing, listening and speaking skills to get back up to speed with where they once were. Especially if you’re about to embark on a holiday to a Spanish-speaking country.

New students who consider themselves at an intermediate level will be roughly tested to fit them in the best programme of study for their needs. This will be in the form of a first free lesson.

If you think you’re past the intermediate level, check out our advanced Spanish lessons. Or, if you’re not quite ready for intermediate, we have Spanish lessons for beginners.

Intermediate Spanish lessons are also available online. For prices for all individual or group classes, please see our Spanish Classes in Sydney page.

Ready to embark on your Spanish journey?

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